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Eastern Gray SquirrelOur story started about three years ago, when my girlfriend and I rented an old house in Riverdale. For those of you that dont know where that is, Riverdale is a community of Chicago, Illinois. It is located at the far south side of the city. It’s definitely not the nicest neighborhood in the city, but on our budget it was about the best we could afford. For an old single family home it was in fairly good condition, and it had a nice sized back yard with a couple of walnut trees in it.
We moved into the house in the fall of 2011. It wasn’t long after we got settled in that we realized we weren’t the only occupants living in the house.

Now, the add in the classifieds said single family home for rent. But as it turned out there were already numerous families living quite comfortably throughout the property. The first thing we noticed was noises coming from the attic and the basement. Then we could hear noises from inside of the walls in the kitchen. My girlfriend, Amy, was very upset and thought we were infested with giant rats, as she put it. I assured her it was just a few little mice, and I would investigate the situation and get rid of them.
The next morning I made the trip up to the attic to have a look around. It was my first time going into the attic. It had an old pull down staircase that squeaked and popped when I pulled it down. As I made my way up the stairs there was a foul smell and cob webs all over everything. That’s when I saw it for the first time.

An Eastern Gray Squirrel tending to her nest. She heard me and started making these loud squawking noises. She was not pleased to see me to say the least. I was definitely more afraid of her then she was of me, and I made a hasty retreat back down the stairs.
After closing the staircase I regained my composure. It was just a squirrel and a few babies. I figured how hard could it be to trap them, and get them out of the house. I thought I would go take a look in the basement to see if there were any more living down there. I grabbed my flashlight, and headed down the stairs to see if any thing was lurking down there. At least I wasnt greeted by any screeching animals this time. What I did see was countless rat droppings. Looking around I could tell there had to be quite a few by the amount of droppings. Then I heard something scurrying behind an old shelf. Then again behind me along the wall. I was starting to feel like one would jump down on my back. As I was turning around to head back upstairs I saw two eyes reflecting from the light of my flashlight. As it turned and ran I got a look at it, a big nasty looking opossum.

squirrelI went up stairs to think things over. We didnt just have one little squirrel, or a couple mice. We were infested! Just then Amy returned home from shopping. After she came in, I had to explain that we had a family of squirrels living in the attic. A large opossum that has made his home in the basement. On top of all that there were an unknown amount of rats living throughout the house. Once she calmed down from her expected freak out we talked over what to do. After talking to the landlord he said he knew of a great Chicago Rat Removal company that humanely removes wildlife.┬áSo for the next two weeks we stayed at Amy’s mothers house while our house was freed of all unwanted guest. I am glad to say that all the little critters were humanely caught and released into the wild. Now we are back home in our single family home.

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